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Key Features:
A dense concrete composite material gives you the solid look and feel  of traditional concrete
The smooth surface can be site-painted or  rendered to create a wide range of looks from classical to contemporary

Available in a classic or  tapered profile that can be coupled with various capitals and bases to give you design choice

The benefits of the hollow core column enables services to be hidden, allows for  installation over timber or  steel structural posts and reduces the impact on  traditional construction techniques.

Columns and accessories come in a range of sizes and profiles for  maximum design flexibility and can be site-painted or  rendered to create a variety of looks.

Can be easily retrofitted onto verandas and around existing structures.

They are very durable and resistant to damage from termites, rot and fire.

Classic Style
Classic is a straight column with a smooth surface which are available in 2750mm and 4000mm nominal lengths. External diameters available include

200, 250, 345 & 425mm. Classic columns have square cut ends.

Tapered Style
Tapered is a range of columns which are tapered from the top of the column to 900mm from the column’s base.

fibre cement columns ornate
Fibre Cement  -  Architectural Columns

A range of decorative architectural columns and accessories.

External or internal column feature that can create classic or contemporary attractive focal points.

Can be used as a feature around entrances, patios, pools and entertainment areas.
fibre cement column accessory - ornate
Column Dimensions - Classic and Tapered
fibre cement column accessory - cove
fibre cement column accessory - pencil round
fibre cement column accessory - quad
fibre cement column accessory - twin
200mm, 250mm
200mm, 250mm
200mm, 250mm,
Pencil Round
200mm, 250mm,
200mm, 250mm
200mm, 250mm,
Sydney based Delivery Australia-wide.
fibre cement columns stright and tapered
Sydney based Delivery Australia-wide.
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